About Us

20 Years Caring About You

About Us

PT Serenity Indonesia offers a wide range of high quality medical supplies for wholesale distribution in Asia Pacific. Our products mostly designed in the United Kingdom by our parent company Serenity Global Ltd., United Kingdom. The products we offer range from hospital use to the home kits, from large units to disposable single-use items. As part of our core focus, we are constantly updating and enriching our product ranges to meet the highest standards and fulfill our customer demand.

Our Vision

Our vision is on providing high-quality medical products at very competitive prices. Our aim is to meet all your medical supplies needs and provide excellent value for money. We aim to take away the hassle of shopping around for various products by giving you everything you need in one place at a great value. This saves you time, which is the highest value commodity in today’s world.

We would like to be the leading company in manufacturing and services of medical equipment & supplies, the preferred partner to the Ministry of Health and the pinnacle of customer satisfaction

Our Mission

Provide high-quality medical products at a very competitive price – value through quality Superior customer satisfaction High engagement and satisfaction of employees

The Team

PT Serenity Indonesia operates a team of medical product professionals and talented sales executives who operate in the local market. Combined with their extensive knowledge and experience in the local market, they deliver excellent value to our customers on a regular basis.

Why Us?

The provide exceptional value for money by having a “one-stop-shop” for our customers, giving them the freedom of selecting a wide range of high-quality medical products and placing an order all in one place. We strive to add new products on a regular basis, making sure that our customers are happy and always have the best products there are.

Quality Policy

We realize that the success of the company lies in the contribution of all value-added chain stakeholders. The company also realizes the importance of superior customer satisfaction. Therefore we always encourage its functions of each department to establish and follow internal processes effectively and implement rigorous quality controls, which leads to better enterprise synergies. The end result is that services produced are always superior quality.

The company always encourages its workforce to work in the best possible way in the environment conducive to the cooperation between functions. Thus the quality of work of each of the functions is maintained. It is the responsibility of each employee to always ensure the highest standard of work.

To ensure the highest quality and consistency of work result, planning into quality system procedure is used that sets out the work process.

Each employee has an obligation to perform the improvement process of their respective work sites and has the competence to meet the quality of service that is expected. The repair process aims to improve and minimize the variation of the existing procedures. To achieve the goals of PT Serenity Indonesia, the company is working on International Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.