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Alternating Pressure Pump and Mattress EFFECT 5600
Baby Incubator Chelo S1000
Chromic Catgut Surgical Sutures (Without Needle)
Co Analyzer Pro
Electrosurgical Unit model 120
Gastric-Thoracic Drainage Pump DF-500
Mucus Extractor
Sterile Surgical Gloves
Ultrasonic Nebulizer SR-150U
Universal Operating Table OT-600
Chromic Cargut Surgical Sutures (With Needle)
Aluminum Wheelchair Fs950Lbpq
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Sr-112P
Baby Incubator Chelo S2000
Basket Stretcher SR - B2
Electrosurgical Unit model 200
HCG Pregnancy Test MIDSTREAM
Plain Catgut Surgical Sutures (Without Needle)
Soft Twist Lancet
Surgical & Gynecology Suction Unit DF-350
Ultrasonic Nebulizer SR-810B
Urethal Catheter 2 Way
Plain Cargut Surgical Sutures (With Needle)
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Sr-118
Baby Incubator Chelo S3000
Baby Scale SR-20A
Carbon Steel Surgical Blade
Compressor Nebulizer SR-212C
Electronic Asthma Monitor Pulmo-1
Electrosurgical Unit model 300
IV Cannula (Pen type)
Silk Braided Surgical Sutures (Without Needle)
Steel Wheelchair Fs902C
Surgical Suction Unit DF-650
IV Cannula with Injection
Digital Baby Scale SR721DM
Electrosurgical Unit model 350M
Fully Electric Universal Operating Table OT-2200
Infant Radiant Warmer Infarmed 100UP
Portable Suction (aspiration) DF-750
Scoop Stretcher SR - C2
Alcohol Swab
Digital Personal Scale SRB9332
Infant Radiant Warmer Infarmed 100C
Oxygen Concentrator Oxyneb Pro
Portable Suction (aspiration) DF-760A
Body Fat/Hyration Monitor Scale SRF934
Neonate Phototherapy Ecoblu 500
Spine Board SR - S1
Neonate LED Phototherapy Ecoblu D500 (Measurement)
Body Fat/Hyration Monitor Scale SRF935
Neonate LED Phototherapy Ecoblu D300
Single Ceiling Lamp Head Operating Lamp ST-LED 70S
Alat Suntik Sekali Pakai
Dial Body Scale ZT -150A
Mobile Stand Operating Lamp ST-LED 70M
Digital Height Scale SR-H 02
Emergency UPS Operating Lamp ST-LED 70E
Surgical Face Mask
Kantong Urine
Folding Stretcher With Wheels SR - F2
Lanset Darah
Set Infus
Ultrasonic Body Fat Analyzer SR-HW 03
Set Transfusi Darah
Ultrasonic Body Fat Analyzer SR-HW 05
Ambulance Stretcher SR - A3
Nasal Oksigen Kanula
Oksigen Masker Non Rebreathing
Ambulance Stretcher SR - A6
Oksigen Masker Rebreathing
Stretcher Trolley SR - E3
Stretcher Trolley SR - E2
Extrication Device SR-ED01
Cervical Collar SR - N1
Blood Transfusion Set
Dengue IgG/IgM Rapid Test
Dengue Ns1 Antigen Test
Fetal Doppler SR-100
Fetal Doppler SR-200
Infusion Pump Lp 60
Infusion Set
Malaria PF & PV Antigen test
Mask Oxygen
Multidrug 6 Test Panel (MDMA/THC/AMP/MOP/COC/BZO)
Nasal Oxygen Cannula
Silicon Manual Resuscitator (Infant, Pediatric, Adult)
Syringe Pump Sp 20A
Walking Aid Rollator Fs914L
Walking Aid Rollator Fs965Lh