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Air Purifier is a device that can sterilize the air you breathe. This Air Purifier can’t cool the room like an Air Conditioner, but only to sterilize the air so that it is clean and free from pollution. With the Air Purifier, particles of allergens or causes of allergens can be sterilized, thereby can reducing your worries about asthma or other allergies.

The way the Air Purifier works is quite simple. After turning it on, the air in the room will be sucked in with the help of a fan and captured by the filter located inside the Air Purifier. Then the air will be filtered through the filter in the Air Purifier and then channeled back through the air output hole but the air is still sterilized with a UV lamp located at the Air Purifier output.
The air that is released will certainly be fresher and free from pollution due to dust, germs, bacteria, because the particles in the air have been sterilized first. effectiveness of its ability to clean the air reaches up to 99%

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