Baby Incubator Chello S2000

Baby Incubator Chello S2000

Product Features

Function features:
– Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system
– Integral timer to record therapy time
– Control Mode for Air temperature and skin temperature
– Over 37°C temperature setting
– Continuously adjustable humidity
– Come with oxygen port and Rs323 connector
– Adjustable Infant bed inclination angle
– A Keypad lock to prevent inadvertent changes in setting
– Alarm Functions: Power failure, Over temperature, Temperature deviation, Fan failure, Temperature sensor failure
– Equipped with skin temperature sensor fall which protect unit against over temperature – Air temperature, skin temperature, humidity, timer and heat power displayed by LED separately

Main Characteristic:
– Water trough for pulling and pushing, conveniently adding water and washing
– Fan designed for low noise and long life span
– Temperature deviation and over temperature can be amended directly using front panel
– Equipped second thermal cut-out function for extrasafety feature
– Adjustable infant bed inclination angle
– Six operation windows, the two side access operating windows can be swivelled
– Come with 4 drawers for storage


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