Product - Sterile Surgical Gloves

Sterile Surgical Gloves

Product Name:  Sterile Surgical Gloves

Safety and Quality standard : ISO 9001ISO 13485, and CE



  • Natural rubber latex
  • Powdered with bio-absorbable cornstarch, in compliance with USP
  • Anatomic Shape
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 455/ASTM D 3557
  • The Gamma sterilisation process uses cobalt 60 radiation to kill microorganisms on a variety of different products. Processing with gamma yields quick turnaround time easily penetrating packaging and product, and is ideal for many types of materials
  • Sterile as long as the peel pouch is sealed and undamaged

Sterilisation: Gamma Irradiation

Packaging: 1 pair per pouch /individual pouch

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