Pulse Oximeter SR-PO80

Pulse Oximeter SR-PO80

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter type SR-PO80 is a multifunctional blood oxygen meter which capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation, PI (perfusion index), and respiratory frequency.

It can also be used to monitor pulse rate.

This product is lightweight, small and easy to use, easy to understand,  portable and it is designed with new technology and material.

Features and specification:

  • Display: OLED Screen
  • Direction: Four directions display
  • Equipped with Smart Alarm
  • Accuracy: SpO2: 70%~100%,  ±2%
    Pulse Rate: 30~99bpm,±2bpm; 100~250bpm,±2bpm
    Perfusion Index: 0.2~1.0%,±0.2digits; 1.1~20.0% ,±20%
  • Battery: AAAx2
  • Dimensions: 62.2×37.0x33.1mm
  • Weight(without batteries): 28.6g
  • Parameters: Pulse Rate,Spo2,PI(perfusion index)
  • Indication: Real-time battery status, Weak or unstable signal,
    Value limit remind
  • Application Range: Adult and Child


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