Product - Sterilizer Cupboard SRB50

Sterilizer Cupboard SRB50

Basic Parameter:
• High-temperature sterilization
• Capacity 50L
• Dimension 430*320*510mm
• Stainless steel housing, interior gray glass, fine dark handles, metallic paint, plastic door
• Type of power supply 220V ~ 50Hz
• Other feature, touch buttons, flat-screen, LED display, microcomputer chip, high-temperature
sterilization 120°C or higher, application of the latest smart technology, automatic locking.

Technical Parameter:
Rated voltage : 220v~
Rated frequency : 50Hz
Rated wattage : 500W
Disinfecting degree : D D
Disinfecting temperature : 120+45°C
High-temperature disinfecting working proses time : ≥15min
Operation cycle : 40min
Capacity : 50L
Product size (mm) : 430*325*510
Net weight : 8Kg
Standard maximum bearable weight each tier : 2Kg
Ozone generator life time  :≥1000hours
Lamp tube life time : ≥3000hours
light-wave tube life time : ≥5000hours

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