Vein Viewer Model Vpism-C (Made in Korea)

Vein Viewer Model Vpism-C (Made in Korea)

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A vein finder to show images of the blood vessels in real time

  • Reveals the location and pattern on the blood vessels
  • Non-invasive infrared detection technology makes it safe and hygienic
  • Can be used with a broad range of patients, including infants, elderly and any emergency patients

Optimized for various treatments

  • Enables to perform promptly vascular treatments and procedures for the patients
  • Enables to choose the right blood vessel based on real time video of blood vessel
  • Helps prevent repetitive and wrong injections
  • Can be used with various patients such as infants and obese patients regardless of their skin tones

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Step by Step unboxing, assembly and how to use vein probe iiSM Vpism-C

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