Product - HCG Pregnancy Test MIDSTREAM

HCG Pregnancy Test MIDSTREAM

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HCG is a hormone produced by trophoblastic tissue and starts to appear 8-9 days after ovulation or about 4 days after conception. In the 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on the 14th day, hCG can be predicted 5 days before the next menstruation hCG levels will increase twice every 2 days and reach a peak at 7-12 weeks after the last menstruation. then hCG levels will decrease and return to normal after delivery. With this tool, pregnancy can be detected on the rst day of late menstruation. Because it has a concentration of 10mlU / ml. You can nd out about pregnancy even before it’s too late for menstruation.

CAUTION: HCG levels can also increase in trophoblastic or no trophoblasstic neoplasm. It is possible that the disease must be removed before deciding that the mother’s caloin is pregnant.