Product - PVC Manual Resuscitator Pediatric

PVC Manual Resuscitator Pediatric

The Serenity Manual Resuscitator is designed to provideeffective breathing assistance. Its simple & safe constructionmakes it desirable for use in acute situations.The Manual Resuscitator is also suitable for routine use inhospitals, for example during patient transfer between departments or as a back-up to ventilators & anaesthesia machines. The Manual Resuscitator uses a safe & user-friendly ventilation system. The construction helps ensure easy & fault-free assembly. All connections meet ISO standards A swivel joint (360°) between patient valve & face mask help allow unrestricted movement. Resuscitator are reusable & can e sterilized by autoclaving. They are available in three different size Adult, Pediatric, &
Infant, covering a wide range of tidal volumes.

Product material:
High quality medical grade, Nontoxic & 100% latex free.
Intake valve set:
60cm HO2
, 40cm HO

Body weight : <=10 kg
Stroke volume : 150 ml/ 100 ml
Resuscitator volume : 340 ml/ 250 ml
Dimensions (length x diameter) : 225 x 85mm/225 x 72mm
Resuscitator weight : 350 g
Pressure limiting valve : 40 cmH O2
Dead space (patient valve) : 7 ml
Inspiratory resistance : < 5 cmH O at 50 l/min
Expiratory resistance : < 5 cmH O at 50 l/min
Bag reservoir volume : 1600 ml/600 ml
Patient connector : ISO 5356-1: ø22/15 mm
Recommended operating temp : -18 °C~+50 °C
Storage : -40 °C~+60 °C

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