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    Aluminum Wheelchair SR-388CK

    • All series have passed the CE certification.
    • The main part uses the goodness copper, & cut withprecision digitally controlled lathe.
    • Lengthening air inlet valve lever, fit for the different capacity of oxygen cylinder.
    • Integrated casting flowmeter.
    • Flow tube, wet cup of high-strength polycarbonate plastic body.
    • High temperature high-pressure sterilizer humidifier body, to meet European standards for B-level disinfection. The maximum temperature of 121°C pressure 0.142MPa.
    • Polymer high-density lter, wed-based uniform.

    Product information:
    Input pressure : 15 MPa
    Output pressure : 0.2 – 0.3 MPa
    Safety valve : 0.35±0.05 MPa
    Flow rate : 1-10 l/min, 1-15 l/min
    Connecting thread : G 5/8, CGA540, male G 5/8, DIN477 & CGA870

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    Automated External Defibrillator NT-381.C


    Automated External Defibrillator NT-381.C
    Defibrillators and effective CPR are the only definitive treatment for casualties of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Without immediate treatment, 95% of SCA’s are fatal.

    When the heart beats in an irregular rhythm, a shock from a defibrillator is required. This shock allows the heart to restart in a regular rhythm. Delivering a shock within 3-5 minutes after the casualty has collapsed increases their survival chance from 6% to 74%.

    SCA does not discriminate and sadly, children can fall victim too. Paediatric electrode pads, child buttons, switches & keys all lower the shock level delivered to the child and ensure they receive the life-saving treatment required.


    More Information

    If you have any questions or are unsure about which defibrillator best suits your needs, consult our buyers guide or give our friendly & knowledgable Product Specialists a call




  • Blood Transfusion Set
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    Blood Transfusion Set

    Blood Transfusion Set merupakan alat bantu saluran masuk serta penyetelan keluarnya darah kedalam tubuh atau biasa disebut dengan transfusi darah.

    • Selang lembut jernih transparan yang dibuat dari PVC bermutu
    • Didesain untuk transfusi darah atau komponen
    • Lebih kurang 20 tetes/ml.
    • Dengan ventilasi
    • Dengan situs

    Spike Cap
    Warna : Putih Transparant
    Fungsi : Pelindung dan penutup
    Spike Material : Polypropilen (PP)
    Warna : Putih
    Panjang Penusuk : 15 mm
    Fungsi : Menembus Penutup Botol Infus
    Kapasitas : 50 tetes / menit
    Volume Tetes : 20 tetes/ml
    Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Chamber
    Warna : Transparant Kapasitas : maks. 5ml
    Fungsi : Memantau Tetesan cairan
    Material : Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tubing
    Warna : Transparant Panjang : 1.500 mm
    Kapasitas : 100 ml/menit (NaCl 9 gr/L)
    Fungsi : Mengalirkan cairan, memantau gelembung udara
    Material : Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Clamp
    Warna : Putih
    Kapasitas : mampu mengatur aliran dari nol hingga maksimal
    Fungsi : Mengatur aliran cairan
    Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Roller Clamp
    Warna : Biru
    Kapasitas : mampu mengatur aliran dari nol hingga maksimal
    Fungsi : Mengatur aliran cairan
    Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)Latex Connector / Rubber Injection
    Warna : Putih kecoklatan
    Fungsi : Tempat Menambahkan cairan obat menggunakan jarum suntik
    Material : Latex

  • Commode Wheelchair SR 609 3in1
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    Commode Wheelchair SR 609 3in1


  • ECG Monitor 12 Channel
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    ECG Monitor 12 Channel type E.120A

    Feature and specification:

    • 12 Leads simultaneous acquisition and display on the ECG screen
    • 10 inch touch-screen LCD with 1024 x 600 pixelate
    • Touch screen operation keyboard
    • 12 Channels print out on 216 mm thermal paper
    • Manual/Auto Mode/ Arrhythmia analysis with auto interpretation results
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-poly battery with 2 hours continuous printing
    • Built-in memory for 200 reports
    • IMAGE FREEZE for review and hard copy of the required signals
    • Digital filters elimination of muscles tremors and base line wandering
    • Built-in RS232/ USB interface
  • Electric-five-function-bed-SR-EB05
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    Electric Three Function Bed SR EB03


  • Infrared-ear-thermometer-SR-ET101
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    Infrared Ear Thermometer SR ET101

    ● 10 Storage memories
    ● Low battery indicator
    ● Fast result in 2 seconds
    ● Jumbo LCD screen with clear numeric result
    ● Chageability of display (°C of °F)
    ● Flexibility tip makes you fell comfortable while measuring

    Response time : Appoximately one second
    Range : Ear code : 28.0°C ~ 43.0°C (82.4°f  ~ 109.4°f )
    Object mode : -20°C ~ 100°C (-4°f  ~ 212°f )
    Ambient mode : 0°C~50°C (32°f)
    Accuracy :
    ±0.2°C, 35.5°C – 42.0°C
    ±0.2ºF, 95.9ºF – 107.6ºF
    ±0.3°C for other range
    ±0.6 ºF for other range
    Display : Liquid crystal display, 3 1/2 digits
    Memory : 20 Memory
    Fever alam : if over  37.8°C (100.4°f )
    Battery : Two AAA batteries
    Weight : Approx. 83 grams including with (batteries)
    Auto-Shut Of : WIth in 1 minute

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    Latex Examination Gloves, Powdered

    Didesain untuk memudahkan pengiriman oksigen, terbuat dari PVC ngkat medis tanpa bau untuk memberikan kenyamanan dan 100% bebas lateks, Tahan belitan dan fleksibel dari aliran konnu oksigen, Konektor berbentuk terowongan lembut untuk memudahkan koneksi ke sumber oksigen.


    Warna : Green Clear
    Fungsi : penghubung ke tabung oksigen
    Material : Polivinil clorida (PVC)

    Soft Tip
    Warna : colourless clear
    Fungsi : penghubung ke alat pernapasan
    Material : Polivinil clorida (PVC)

    Headset Loop
    Warna : colourless clear
    Fungsi : sebagai saluran penghubung.
    Material : Polivinil clorida (PVC)

    Ekstension Tubing
    Warna : Green clear
    Fungsi : Saluran penghubung
    Material : Polivinil clorida (PVC)

    Channel Creator
    Warna : Green clear
    Fungsi : Saluran penghubung dan
    pembagi aliran oksigen.
    Material : Polivinil clorida (PVC)

    Warna : Colourless
    Fungsi : pengatur posisi Headset loop
    Material : Polypropylene (PP)

    Ukuran : Dewasa, Anak, Bayi






  • transport-patient-monitor-M.90a
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    Transport Patient Monitor M.90a

    Set infus adalah peralatan medis untuk memberikan cairan infus ke dalam tubuh untuk memenuhi kebutuhan cairan pada pasien.

    • Selang PVC lembut tahan tekukan.
    • Ruang venlasi udara yang jernih, transparan dan fleksibel.
    • Pengontrol penggulung yang sangat efisien untuk laju aliran yang akurat.
    • Steril.
    • Untuk sekali pakai.
    • Volume tetes : 20 tetes / ml untuk Dewasa, 60 tetes / ml untuk Anak
    • Y injecon port.
    • Tanpa Y injecon port.


    Spike Cap
    Warna : Transparan
    Material : PP (Polypropylene)
    Fungsi : Menutup spike

    Warna : Puh
    Material : ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
    Panjang Penusuk : 30 mm + 1mm Fungsi : Menembus Penutup kantong darah

    Warna : Transparant
    Material : PVC (Polivinil klorida)
    Kapasitas : Maksimal 5 ml
    Fungsi : Memantau Tetesan cairan darah

    Warna : Puh Material :
    Polyethylen Ukuran Pori-pori : 200 + 20 µ
    Fungsi : Menyaring padatan pada darah

    Warna : Transparant
    Material : PVC (Polivinil klorida)

    \Panjang : 1.500 mm

    Roller Clamp
    Warna : Biru
    Material : ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
    Kapasitas : mampu mengatur aliran dari nol hingga maksima
    Fungsi : Mengatur aliran cairan darah

    Latex Connector
    Warna : Coklat
    Material : Latex
    Fungsi : Penghubung Tubing dengan Connector


    Luer Slip Connector
    Warna : Coklat
    Material : PP (Polypropylene)
    Fungsi : Sebagai penghubung IV Catheter

    Connector Cap
    Warna : Transparant
    Material : ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
    Fungsi : Penutup Luer Slip Connector

  • Vein Viewer VPism-DVPism-C
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    Vein Viewer Model Vpism-D (Made in Korea)

    Quality Certification:




    A vein finder to show images of the blood vessels in real time

    • Reveals the location and pattern on the blood vessels
    • Non-invasive infrared detection technology makes it safe and hygienic
    • Can be used with a broad range of patients, including infants, elderly and any emergency patients

    Optimized for various treatments

    • Enables to perform promptly vascular treatments and procedures for the patients
    • Enables to choose the right blood vessel based on real time video of blood vessel
    • Helps prevent repetitive and wrong injections
    • Can be used with various patients such as infants and obese patients regardless of their skin tones

    Product Information and support