Product - Electronic Asthma Monitor Pulmo 1

Electronic Asthma Monitor Pulmo 1

• Simple to use
• Electronic record – no need for paper record cards
• Automatically assesses test quality
• More accurate than a mechanical meter
• Patient can review past results at home
• Measures PEF and FEV1
• FEV1 has less diurnal variability and is less effort dependent
• Can display % of personal best for both PEF and FEV1
• PEF and FEV1 zones can be personalized
• Automatically stores best values
• Large, easy to read display
• Stores 600 test sessions
• Suitable for use in clinic with SafeTway® mouthpieces
• Easy to clean mouthpiece and owhead
• Language independent
• ISO 23747:2007 Peak Flow Meters

ATS/ERS :2005 Spirometry Guidelines
ISO 26782:2009 Spirometers

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