Product - Neonate LED Phototheraphy Ecoblu D500

Neonate LED Phototheraphy Ecoblu D500

Product Features
– LED bulbs as phototherapy radiant source
– Button control switch
– Equal light distribution, high intensity
– Quite fan, no noise of fan
– The angle of head and height are adjustable
– Steel support pole, lockable wheels with four castors
– Separate record for therapy and integral time
– Long life spam

Technical Data
Power supply : AC 110/240V, 50/60Hz
Power input : 45VA
Radiant wavelength : 420nm~490nm W/cm
Total irradiance for bilirubin : 2800µ W/cm
Height adjust range : 1300 ~ 1600mm
Adjust angle of phototheraphy box : ±90°
Time accuracy : 1min/12h
Integral time range : 0h~9999h

Operating condition
Temperature : 18°C~+30°C
Relative humidity : 10%~85% RH
Atmospheric pressure : 700 hPa~1060 hPa

Transport and storage
Ambient temperature : -10°C~+55°C
Relative humidity : ≤95%
Atmospheric pressure : 500 hPa~1060 hPa

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