Product - Malaria P.F & P.V Antigen Test

Malaria P.F & P.V Antigen Test

SERENITY Malaria P.f/P.v Antigent Test Device was designed for a simplicity, rapid, qualitative and cost effective method for testing the presence op P.f (Plasmodium falciparum) and P.v (Pasmoduim vivax) in human blood sample.
Innovative Design
Designed with control line to demonstrate a proper procedure
Convenient and Flexible
Designed for home pack used. Required minimal training and non expensive laboratory equipment.
Fast and Reliable
It give clear result in just 10 to 20 minutes, build-in quality controls to let you know if test is working.

Product Name : Malaria P.f & P.v Angen Test
Principal of Test : Immunochromatographic Assay
Intended Use : P.f HRP-II (Hisdine-Rich Potein II) Specific to P.f
: pLDH (Plasmodium Lactate Dehydrogenase) Specific to P.v
Specimen : Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood
Format : Cassete
Sensivity  : 92.90%
Read Test Result : 10 – 20 minutes
Package : 1 test/pouch, 25 pouches/box
Applicaon : Single Used Only

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